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Arnish Point is a 38 hectare development site located on the North West coast of Scotland, on the Isle of Lewis. Arnish Point offers a deep water quay, which is entirely suitable for the Oil & Gas and Renewables industries. With unrestricted access to Atlantic and North Channel, Arnish has proved itself as a successful facility for shipment of materials and completed fabricated components.

The site is contained within a secured 21,000m² area with purpose built fabrication and assembly halls including fully equipped client, project and administration office facilities.

5.5 bar water supply through 125mm main, distributed around the site via 90mm diameter feeder, 11,000 volts, 50Hz electric ring main configuration with a maximum capacity of 5MW. Back-up supply of 3MW is available.

Each assembly hall is equipped with overhead craneage and Bay 2 is equipped with rail mounted bogies for movement of Rolled and Welded pipes and major sub-assemblies.

In addition there is an integrated purpose-built climate controlled shot blasting and coating facility, which allows us to achieve the high specification coating standards necessary for the extended maintenance-free lives of offshore structures.

  • Covered Assembly Area - 11,000m²
  • Open Assembly Area - 10,000m² (within a defined secure fenced perimeter)
  • Main Assembly Hall - 113m X 28m X 23m
  • Quay Length - 106.14m
  • Water Depth - 6.5m at LAT