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BiFab's market focus continues to be based on its key assets, the skills of its professional staff and workforce. This is coupled with its ability to offer a choice of two fabrication locations, suited to different project needs but located within 20 km of each other and Arnish. All yard facilities operate under the management systems described elsewhere in this brochure.

Key features of the Burntisland yard resources and facilities:

Experienced project and construction management teams.

  • Design services - conceptual, detail, fabrication.
  • 2 undercover assembly halls, 5470m².
  • 3 prefabrication workshops, 4700m².
  • 1 exotic pipe work shop, 1200m².
  • 1 paint shop, 3000m².
  • Environmentally controlled storage 3066m².
  • Open assembly / storage area, 60,000m².
  • Load out quay, 5000 tonnes capacity.
  • Non-tidal dock with access for 300 X 90ft barges.
  • Water depth 5.79m
  • Cranes ranging from 3 - 100 tonnes capacity.
  • Computerised cutting equipment.

The yard is located 27 kilometres from Edinburgh International Airport, and is adjacent to the main London / Edinburgh / Aberdeen rail link. There is also good access to major roads with the A92 connecting within 15 kilometres to the motorway network.

In early 2004 BiFab made the decision to build a specialist piping workshop within its facility at Burntisland. The facility is state of the art and can handle pipe spools from 36" diameter downward. Spools of up to 15 tonnes can be handled at any one time utilising the overhead cranes.

The shop is equipped with ring mains for air and inert gas feeding 24 individual welding workstations. Capacity for the production of stainless steel or duplex / super duplex is in the region of 3,000 manhours per week. A recent project saw the production of 640 tonnes of super duplex pipework in a 16 week period.

BiFab has a wide range of pre-approved welding procedures covering the following materials,

  • Carbon Steel and LTCS.
  • Carbon Steel (Clad).
  • Standard & Super Austenitic Stainless steel.
  • Duplex.
  • Super Duplex.
  • Cunifer.
  • Inconel.