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Minimum Facility Platforms

BiFab can offer a number of solutions for marginal field development on an EPC basis. These solutions include self installing platforms where no heavy lift crane vessel is required, thereby reducing CAPEX, and NUI low maintenance / low energy usage platforms that reduce OPEX.

Typically such installations will weigh (topsides plus foundations) less than 750 tonnes and are ideal for fabrication and load out from either our Burntisland or Methil yards where the entire installation can be completed under cover. At Burntisland the unit can be loaded out into our non-tidal dock using our existing bogey system. BiFab can also offer offshore hook-up and final commissioning of the installation once it has been installed offshore.

Subsea foundation options include standard piling, suction piles or gravity bases with sub-structures which can be monopod, tripod or quadruped.